Cross section of  electrospun polymer fibers
Cross section of electrospun polymer fibers

The project ‘Nanofiber-based sponges for atopic skin treatment’ funded by Foundation for Polish Science started in October 2018. This international project is the collaboration with Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and Technion (Israel). The aim of the project is to understand and control emollient or oil release from nanofibers patches for atopic skin for babies, kids and adults. Within this project we want to provide the best way to control the release of curing substances from newly developed patches based on electrospun polymer. We will compare the curing effects of emollients and mineral oils with the essential oils, that will be captured in the patches. The highly porous patches will be used as sponges for soaking oils and emollients to help hydrate skin, reduce itching and redness associated with atopic skin problems and many allergies. A long and slow release of oils/emollients through patches will reduce the need of very frequent application of body lotion. The proposed treatment, based on the new designs of patches, is going to have a remarkable effect on the skin condition. Nanofibers will be produced via electrospinning and characterized with advanced microscopy and 3D tomography based on Focus Ion Beam and Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) to verify the nanostructure of fibers and patches and the wetting effects between oils and polymer surfaces.



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